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The world and all its life forms depend on the finely tuned ecosystem to remain as such, in order to survive, and live in harmony with our planet.

Turning off all electrical appliances at the main switch, recycling your rubbish, and keeping your heating down, you're doing your bit to reduce your business’ carbon footprint. So why not take the next step and offset your vehicles carbon emisions with Bee Carbon Free.

We have a free online calculator for your business to use, this will calculate how many trees need to be planted to offset your business’ vehicle/vehicles emisions. We also have an advanced section on the calculator so you can offset against the amount your customers use to visit your premises or partake in the service you provide.

Once you have purchased your trees for planting, you will receive an e-certificate, an actual paper certificate, invoice and a sticker of our logo for you too proudly display in your business premises or your car, and we will list your company name in our Bee Carbon Free hall of fame.


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