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If you are a business looking to offset your carbon emissions then look no further. Simply input your mileage details into the calculator and it will calculate how many trees you need to buy to offset your carbon emissions. You can just decide an amount you want to spend on trees by clicking here. The trees cost just £9.95 each (min 10 trees). We will then donate the trees to one of our plant sites, or if you wish you can donate them to a place of your choice.

Once you have placed your order you will receive the following:

  • An e-certificate and a hard copy certificate for you to proudly display in your premises.
  • A window sticker for your car/business premises window.
  • Your company name will go in our 'Hall of Fame'.


Tree planting season is during November to March so once your trees have been planted we will have pictures in our gallery for you to view.

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